Europas erste Ostgotengruppe

The Fulk


“And although in name Theoderic was a usurper, yet in fact he was as truly an emperor as any who have distinguished themselves in this office from the beginning.” Procopius, The Gothic War, Book I, 1

The name Swarafulk comes from the gothic word for “sworn warrior tribe”.

We are a group of men and women from Bavaria, how are interesstet in the history of our homeland and try to get an idea of living in longe gone times.

The purpose of our group is the presentation of ostrogothic warriors and their families, from the time between 454 after Christ, the supposed year of Theodrics birth to 553 after Christ, the year, the ostrogothic rein in Italy ended.
A founded reconstruction of ostrogothic male and female dresses, is our main target. But also a sociable camplife, with music, ancient food and drinks.
In addition to this, we provide a small group of fighters, for battles after the rules of Codex Belli.