Europas erste Ostgotengruppe



“The dimensions of the camps must be determined by the number of troops and quantity of baggage, that a large army may have room enough, and that a small one may not be obliged to extend itself beyond its proper ground.” Flavius Vegetius Renatus, Epitoma rei militaris Book I, 22

In our camp we set a high value on a coherent and comfortable atmosphereIn. We not only want to be historical actors, but also try to life the represent time.
Our camp needs a area of about 20 to 20 meters. Center of the camp is our big roundtent, where most of the communal camplife takes place.
For special event, there can be demonstrated a reconstruction of a Roman carriage. It is a to modern road traffic act, adjusted and therefore not totally authntic mixture of carrus and carruca dormitoria.